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Christopher "Kirby" Miovac - International Broadcast Producer

Christopher, better known as Kirby by his friends and associate, is a leading producer of broadcast events for the entertainment world.  As a freelance producer and engineer, Kirby has worked on some very interesting events indeed.

  • Disneyland Broadcast Group - California
  • Premiere "Pocahontas" Central Park - NY 
  • Country Music Awards - Nashville, TN
  • World Premiere "The Rock" Alcatraz Island - San Francisco, CA
  • World Premiere of "Con Air" Hard Rock Hotel - Los Vegas, NV
  • World Premiere "Hunchback of Notre Dame" - Central Park, NY
  • World Premiere "Pearl Harbor" - Hawaii
  • ABC Sports Feature on Russian & Chinese Gymnasts
  • Epcot Living Seas Opening, 25th Anniversary

Kirby's list of adventures and events is distinguished to say the least. 


818 Jefferson Court - San Mateo, CA 94401
 Ph: 650.343.2512  Fx: 302.340.8482