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Harvey Louie - Technical Director

Harvey has been a major events producer for over 20 years. Having grown up in the back-lots of Hollywood and having produced some of the world's largest events, some have said that he has seen and done it all.

Much of his production background came from his many years at Walt Disney Productions. Across the 70's, 80's and the 90's it might have been a stage show, a parade, a television/film shoot, or an awards show that trained Harvey to know what he knows today.

He has also been behind the scenes producing such extravaganzas as the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics, the 1999 Women's World Cup soccer matches, as well as smaller special events such as major film premiers in Hollywood and New York; including a private Stevie Wonder Concert. His most recent productions have been focused on down-to-earth events for Silicon Valley and Wall Street clients. The gamete of production ranges from press events and product launches, to stockholder meetings or Internet video broadcasts for heavy weight clients.

As a member of the Searchlight Events Team, we are all well prepared to handle any project or scope of work that can be thrown at us, even at the last minute, as is the nature of the business.

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